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Tailor-made team 

Pia Schiller & Friends is a network of people with complementary PR and communication skills. As a customer, you get a team made up just for you and your needs.

We help you with new ideas and communication solutions. We also implement them if you want, or you get content with the ideas and do the rest yourself.


About Pia Schiller

Pia Schiller is the founder and CEO of Schiller & Friends. Pia has extensive experience in the communications industry and was one of the founders of the PR agency Vox PR & Information in 1993.

Food & beverage, IT, technology, insurance and health are examples of industries where Pia has extensive knowledge. Examples of customers are Arla Foods, Signify, Fora and Nordfas Invest.

Strategic communication

Communication supports the business goal. Where is your company today? Where do you want to go now? With a clear strategy that can be used concretely in practice, it will be easier to achieve the goal.

We help you with strategy, communication plans, and suggestions for activities if you want.

Customer journey

The customer journey may start with arousal, but the journey never really ends. What does the journey look like for your customers? Do language, tonality, and simplicity match how you want your company to be perceived?

We will help you!

Social & media monitoring

We help you keep track of what is said about your company or organization on traditional and social media; we monitor and report. May you also want to get a better idea of your competitors? Or watch a specific question? Surveillance around the world also provides more opportunities for public relations activities.


We help you plan and produce content – text, image, film, graphics – relevant to companies’ target groups in various channels; social media, website, newsletter, customer information, etc. We also produce school materials by closely collaborating with the school’s educators and students.

Media relations

Press releases, media training, media contacts, debate article, column, finding news angles, formulating messages, arranging and preparing interviews with journalists…. We can help you with almost everything in terms of editorial media.


PR is long-term work based on a well-thought-out strategy and plan. The communication must affect your target groups. What is important to them? How can your solution, company, product, and business become important? All communication takes place on the recipient’s terms, so it is essential to be creative and humble. We will help you.


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