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Tailior-made team

Schiller & Friends is a network of people and companies with various complementary skills in PR and communication. Our focus is on digital communication. As a customer, you get a team that is made up just for you and your needs. We help you with new ideas and communication solutions. We also implement them, if you want, or you are content with the ideas and do the rest yourself.

About Pia Schiller

Pia Schiller is the founder and CEO of Schiller & Friends. Pia has three decades of experience in the communication industry and was one of the founders of the PR agency Vox PR & Information in 1993.


Strategic communication, with an effective strategy, communication plan and suggestions for activities.
Optimize the customer journey, to make sure that the customer’s journey matches all the way with how you want your company to be perceived. Content – text, image, film, graphics – in all relevant channels.
Monitor the outside world and competitors.
Media training and media relations.



Well, what exactly is PR? For us, PR is a long-term work based on a well-thought-out strategy and plan. Communication must affect your target audiences. What is important to them? How can your service, company, product, business become important? All communication takes place on the recipient’s terms, so here it is important to be both creative and humble. We will help you.


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